Review: Carter Finally Gets It, by Brent Crawford

Carter Finally Gets It tells the story of high school student Will Carter’s freshman year of high school.  The reader gets to see Carter’s growth through his triumphs and tragedies.

What I liked best about Carter is he seems like so many people I knew.  Carter is more like an average teenage male than the usual detached-observer character (that is almost certainly a teenage representation of an author) one commonly finds in other young adult literature.  With Carter, it’s like most of those guys you knew growing up.  It’s all there: the one word sentences, the three word conversations, and the high-five or arm-slug greetings.  And yet, even though Carter might not be verbally communicative, there is a lot going on in his mind.  He might not always have answers, he might not always draw the best conclusion or course of action and he might be eternally flummoxed, but his mind is always trying to process what is going on around him.  The humor of the story comes from Carter trying to find his place in the world (in this case, high school), the need to fit in, beginning to date girls, and the ability to get one self into a social fix when trying to get socially ahead.  This is a very funny book.  While you might get a little frustrated with some of Carters decisions, he is a very likable, sympathetic character for whom you can’t help but rooting.

While I cannot recall the language being particularly coarse or explicit, girls and sex are definitely on Carter’s mind.  That being said, Carter Finally Gets It is fairly innocent, relatively speaking, but it’s never a bad idea to give readers a little warning to weigh against their respective comfort levels.


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