Star Wars geek out! Amazing new-non fiction

There are many good reasons to get excited for the new non-fiction books that arrive on Kris’ special red cart. But one of our more recent incoming books has gotten us (ok, me) more excited than usual.
Star Wars Art: Visions

Basically, George Lucas invited over 100 of the most renowned and some lesser known artists to create their own fan art of the Star Wars films.

I, personally, have seen all the films, and enjoyed them, but I wouldn’t go as far to say I’m a “fan” (although my Han Solo girlhood crush was enormous and encompassed many years). After glancing through this book, I might rethink my feelings toward Star Wars. Here’s a sneak peek of one of many amazing paintings featured:

How cool is that?!

I think I’ll add a new blog post for the remaining new non-fiction, since they are as equally neat and useful – but it’s hard to compare anything to a Wookie family portrait.



2 responses to “Star Wars geek out! Amazing new-non fiction

  1. Courtney, this picture is amazing! Can’t wait to see all the other pictures…

  2. My favorite movie..
    The picture is great.

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