Backyard Beekeeping

This Sunday, January 31st!

2 pm in the Carnegie Room


Jim Marshall of C & J Apiary in Dayton, Oregon started bee keeping in the 1980s as a hobby. He says that “by the
1990s, we had bought out another beekeeper and at onepoint had 500 hives; We were seriously
commercial. We are cutting back (down to200 hives!). We have sold honey at the Beaverton Farmer’s Market for 15 years or so.” Jim & Carol Marshall’s presentation will be on the basics of beekeeping, that is, pollination & why
we need to care about honey bees; how to get started including a hands-on equipment demonstration, medications and bee diseases; some honey tasting and a little time for questions and answers.


Natural Beekeeping: organic approaches to modern apiculture by Ross Conrad.

Beekeeping for Dummies by Howland Blackiston

A Spring without Bees: how colony collapse disorder has endangered our food supply by Michael Schacker.

From Flower to Honey by Robin Nelson. Great kid’s book!


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