Orchids @ your library!

For over a year now, we have all be enjoying flowering orchids next to the reference desk on the second floor. A patron and good friend to the library has been bringing them in when they are in bloom and taking good care of them. Modest man that he is, he always says it’s easy to get them to bloom, but we are not so sure about that. We are very grateful to him and know that many other patrons of the library have enjoyed them as well.

Currently, we have two orchids blooming, a giant purple orchid (a Cattleya) and a lovely white Bucket orchid or Coryanthes (similar to the one in the picture above). The both have a lovely smell (although their fragrance is different from each other. Bucket orchids have an amazing relationship with orchid bees that involves perfume, sex and glue (from more information visit this site).

Next time you are in the library, make sure you stop by the reference desk and check out the orchids!

Library Orchids resources:

The New Encyclopedia of Orchids by Isobyl la Croix.

All About Orchids by Elvin McDonald.

The Cloud Garden: a true story of adventure, survival and extreme horticulture by Tom Hart Dyke and Paul Winder.



2 responses to “Orchids @ your library!

  1. Love this post — thanks, Diane! Tell the “orchid man” hello for me.

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