To Tweet or Not to Tweet (and other free useful technology)

Twitter is all the rage these days (so much so one wonders if it can be on the verge of being passe?) and libraries are not immune to the draw of fun, new technology. There are many libraries using Twitter these days, but the question is how can it be a fun, useful tool for us and for you? Comments and suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

In honor of the return to school, here are some free stuff that can make your life easier (or at least more organized):

Evernote Evernote says it can help you remember all the stuff you need to. Type a text note- take a picture- capture a webpage- then Evernote makes it all searchable!

Notely keep track of it all: schedule, calendar, note-taking, homework planner and more.

GradeMate free online organizer to keep track of what is due, when it’s due and what grade you got on it.

Diigo Add highlights and sticky notes to web documents/sites- also share your research with others.

EtherPad Collaborate with others in real time on online documents.



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