May ’09 DVDs

Dragon: The Bruce Lee Story
X – The Movie
Vampire Hunter D
The Standard Deviants – Habla Espanol? (Learning Spanish)
Vampire Effect
The Princess Blade
National Geographic – In the Womb
This American Life – Season One
 The Geometry Tutor – 9 hour course
The Algebra Word Problem Tutor – 6 Hour Course
Strange Culture
Come Away Home
I Am Legend
How to Start and Operate Your Own Home-Based Business
Music Within
Pregnancy – From Conception to Caring for Your Newborn
Last Chance Harvey
Nights in Rodanthe
Son of Rambow
Primeval: Volume 1
Tell No One
The Secrets
Wendy and Lucy
Bedtime Stories
Flash of Genius
Facing the Giants
Paul Blart: Mall Cop
The Last Word
Quantum of Solace
The Reader
Nothing But the Truth
Battlefield of the Mind
Marley and Me
What Doesn’t Kill You
The Wrestler
Revolutionary Road
X (Part 1 and 2)
As Time Goes By – Complete Orignial Series
A & E Top 10: Cars That Changed the Automobile Industry
Growin’ a Beard



3 responses to “May ’09 DVDs

  1. Do you know if an order for seasons of The Wire is in the works anytime soon?

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