Alien Daze

It all started 59 years ago when Evelyn Trent went outside to feed her rabbits. When she saw something unusual in the sky- round and metallic- she yelled for her husband. Paul Trent came armed with a camera and took the now famous picture (above). For more about the Trents and their famous photo see these articles.

As I write this downtown McMinnville is hosting the UFO Festival, complete with speakers, parade, and alien pet costume contest. It’s a fun event and a on a beautiful day!If your interest in aliens and UFOs runs deeper than just green skin deep, here are some library items that will be of interest:

Shoot Them Down! The flying saucer wars of 1952 by Frank C. Feschino Jr.

Unsolved Extraterrestrial Mysteries by David Southwell and Sean Twist.

Confirmation: the hard evidence of aliens among us by Whitley Strieber.



One response to “Alien Daze

  1. Hi,
    That’s really cool that you have those books at the library, especially Shoot Them Down.
    I hope they get a lot of use.

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