Someone else’s life

One of the many great things about books is that they can show you things about yourself that you didn’t know or maybe just forgot. Sometimes by reading about the lives of others, we can gain a little insight into our own life. Here are a few new books at the library:

Labor of Love by Cara Mulhahn. The author (who was featured in the documentary The Business of Being Born ), a midwife for 30 years, explores her life and her calling to help women during the birth of a child. Mulhahn is a great example of a person who by trusting her instinct and working hard has found the joy of daily living her purpose.

High Voltage Tattoo by Kat Von A. The star of L.A. Ink gives us insight into what life is like for a beautiful and much inked tattooer in Hollywood. With lots of photos (a ten-page spread details all of Kat’s tattoos, even the one behind her ear) and insider stories, this book is a little walk on the wild side.

A Year of  Dancing Dangerously: One Woman’s Journey from Beginner to Winner by Lydia Raurell. What is your secret dream? For author Lydia Raurell, her long held, secret dream was to dance. So, at 54 years old, she took her first ballroom dance class and a year later she had won the DanceSport Series Top Female Student Award.

War Child: a memoir by Emmanuel Jal. Living and learning vicariously through others can run the sprectrum of life experences. This book details a childhood that one would never hope to experence first hand. Caught in the Sudanese civil war at the age of seven, Emmanuel experenced and participated in great horrors, but he survived and has since become a professional musician and a spokesperson for several humanitarian organizations.



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