The Last Frontier

If you enjoy books about space and exploration of the universe, we have several new books to interest you.

The Birth of Time: how astronomers measured the age of the Universe by John Gribbin. “If you have ever wondered how scientists determine the age of the universe, then this is your book. Gribbin, one of the best science writers working today, recounts the history of the problem and describes the people who worked on it.” ~Library Journal

The Quest for Alien Planets: Exploring worlds outside the solar system by Paul Halpern. “An excellent read for anyone interested in planets beyond the solar system and extraterrestrial life. Halpern’s book covers all essential aspects of the past, present, and future of planetary discoveries in an easily accessible and very engaging manner.” ~Alex Wolszczan, Distinguished Professor of Astronomy and Astrophysics, Penn State University.

Other resources:


NPR’s Science Friday: The Road Ahead of NASA free weekly podcast

Astronomy Photo Websites:

Hubble Space Telescope Photo Gallery

The Two Micron All Sky Survey

Astronomy Picture of the Day


Bad Astronomy

The Planetary Society Blog

The Spacewriter’s Pamblings




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