Have you seen those beautiful orchids at the upstairs desk? A wonderful library patron has been bringing them in when they’re in bloom. They are lovely, outrageous, strange and/or “interesting” and some have a beautiful smell. This led me to the wonderful New Encyclopedia of Orchids by Isobel la Croix 635.9344. It covers 1500 species that are in cultivation! WOW!!! that made me think of this

margaret1wonderful book that I read called Margaret Mee: in Search of the Amazon Forests(call # 582.13 Mee). Mee was a botanical illustrator and her diaries  make  good reading with photos as well as her beautiful paintings.

There are also lots of fiction books  and  mysteries that feature Orchids – Rex Stout’s Nero Wolfe mysteries,  Michelle Wan’s series of Orchid mysteries set in the Dordogne region of France and Stuart Wood’s Holly Barker Mysteries featuring orchids. Jude Deveraux and Carol Goodman write “orchid fiction”.  For non-fiction there are orchid hunters’ adventures like The Cloud Garden: a true story of adventure, survival and exteme horticulture (call#364.154 Hart) and The Orchid Thief  (call # 364.16 Orleans) that was made into the movie Adaptation.



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