Home for the holidays

homeOne of the many reasons that libraries rock is that by borrowing books I don’t have to find a place to keep them in my home. But sometimes-maybe because the book is so beautiful (Owls of North America) or so popular with a long hold list (Twilight) or just so fantastic I want a copy forever (Jonathan Strange & Mr. Norrell)– I just can’t resist buying a copy of a book. America at Home by Rick Smolan is one of those books- but for a new reason.

America at Home is a fascinating book that explores where and how Americas live. With a cross section of religions, races and economic brackets it is a glimpseĀ  into who Americans are and what is important to them. What better reflects the soul of a nation than the homes in which we live?

But, wait- there’s more! If you buy this book through an online book store, you can customize the cover with a picture of your own. That’s right- upload pictures of all your friends and relatives and give them a copy of this book with their own home on the cover. Cool. And if my sister reads this-yes, this is going to be your Christmas gift.



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