Follow the yellow brick road to some turkey…

the-wizard-of-oz-2-1024Faced with my two young daughters being off school over the Thanksgiving week, I headed to the movie section of the library. Short on time, I scanned the shelves and picked up a couple movies-one was The Wizard of Oz (movie). Little did I know I was stumbling into a holiday tradition.

The Wizard of Oz, which is based on the novel The Wonderful Wizard of Oz by L. Frank Baum, was released in 1939. Over the years it became a tradition that television stations would play the movie around Thanksgiving. A handful friends have told me over the past few days that their family always watched the Wizard of Oz over the holiday. In the days before movie rentals, no doubt it was a memorable treat.

My daughters loved the movie (and have been singing the Lollipop Guild song endlessly) and I think we will start a Thanksgiving tradition of our own- turkey, pumpkin pie and Dorthy.

~ Diane


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