Backyard Birdsong Guide


Just in time to prepare for the Great Backyard Bird Count, we have a wonderful new book to share with you all. The Backyard Birdsong Guide by Donald Kroodsma is not your average bird book. While the book has the normal bird guide features such as illustration of the birds, description, habitat and range maps, it also allows you to hear the bird calls. As the author writes in the introduction, hearing the bird song allows you to “bird by ear”. I have noticed that many birds I never even catch a glimpse of, but their songs or warning calls can be a hint to who is living among the trees. Children will love listening to the different- and often noisy- birdsongs. Many of us librarians couldn’t resist playing with it either!

If this gets you into a ornithological mood, here are some other great bird guides available:

The Sibley Guide to Bird Life and Behavior

The Songbirds Bible

Birds of North America



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