New Non-fiction

Late summer always brings an array of dragonflies around our garden. I love to watch them zoom around and if you stand very still they may just land on you. This beautiful new book, A Dazzle of Dragonflies by Forrest Mitchell and James Lasswell takes a closer look at these amazing and ancient insects.

Mitchell and Lasswell write in an easy to read style, but the book goes well beyond fluff. Not only can you learn the linguistic history of the various names of dragonflies (“St. George’s Horse” in Romania, “Dressmaker” in France and “Guard of the tubs” in Italy to name just a few), but you can also learn how best attract dragonflies to your garden. An essay of the folklore of dragonflies covers many countries and is a fascinating read.

The real star of the book is the amazing scans and photographs of the many different kinds of dragonflies. The detail of the digital scans make you feel like the dragonflies might take flight from the page at any moment. These scans are also available at the authors’ website Digital Dragonflies.



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